[SSO - Keycloak] sync users and groups membership in the app


I’m Pierre from indieHosters.

With @unteem I follow your initiative, and it is really nice and beautiful :slight_smile:
(I’d like to do the same for emails for hosters, but this is another topic :wink: )

I just came to share this project we plan to work on:

If you have feedback, feel free to share here or there!


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Hi @pierreozoux , so great to see you here! The SSO is still on our roadmap. @unteem has explained your experience with keycloak at Indiehosters. It’ll be very important for meet.coop to get this set up properly, to improve the sign-up flow, allow us to manage user groups and access various services with the same login.

We’ll be needing to plan for when we can do it and who will be helping us to get it set up, configured and integrated. @3wc @decentral1se @Yurko @dvdjaco @elon: the things Pierre describes in their forum post should be useful to us as well, once we have keycloak in operation?

If you need help, let us know :slight_smile:

Hey @wouter @pierreozoux I am very interested to discuss this and potentially help out (Golang hackers united). With Autonomic we’re hosting a couple of Keycloak x $other_services and have faced the issues you have laid out in your Librehosters thread. It might be nice to compare our needs to see that it lines up and that the results could be put to use for n+1 organisations from the start!

Relatedly, I’ve worked on a small proof-of-concept Python app over in autonomic-cooperative/keycloak-collective-portal and had experience using the Keycloak REST API and seen a lot of potential there for getting functionality like you describe out of it.

And ofc in general this will then benefit Meet co-op which we’ve always understood to require quite a complex use-case for a kind of distributed self-managed SSO. There was some use-cases listed on Autonomic-Cooperative/keycloak-collective-portal (Github) for that.