Synergia Institute - MOOC running soon

Toward Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century

Registration is now open for our 2022 MOOC
Launch Feb 7, 2022

Greetings from Michael Lewis and Mike Gismondi on behalf of Synergia Co-operative Institute!

Some did not start the last run of this MOOC or got sidelined early in the course. Life intervenes! Others finished the journey. Together, feedback, suggestions, and kudos inspired and informed our 15-month effort to completely revise the 2022 edition.

We are ready to welcome you to a rich learning experience. Find out more about us at

Whether you are just beginning to explore this arena for progressive action, or you are an experienced changemaker, if you decide to register for our 2022 MOOC, it will be a journey you will never regret. With the course just weeks away, we are reaching out to ask your help to get the word out to friends, colleagues, and fellow changemakers whom you feel would have an interest in hearing about what we are doing. Your advocacy and support – especially if you have taken the course – will be of immense value to us.

It has been an unprecedented couple of years that renders ever more important our individual and collective efforts to promote system change as strategically as possible, and to do so with love, courage, and the solidarity we can offer each other.

We invite you to be part of this effort.

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We hope to see many of you online! Meanwhile. . . best wishes to you all.
Michael Lewis and Mike Gismondi for the Synergia Team.