Tech circle notes for the Board of Stewards - 2022-12-08

These are the Platform topics in the agenda:

An upgraded instance of BBB coming on-stream, in collaboration with Agaric coop USA

This has been delayed several times, mostly my fault. See my latest reply here for a status summary and next steps.

Dedicated servers and event servers as a Product offering - the process for this, and timeframe

Let’s set up a meeting with @Pru to understand better the requirements and specs for this. We have had few requests for this service in the past.

Single sign-on - evaluating this, considering next steps

We’ll evaluate this on the next Tech circle meeting (should happen before EOY). Any suggestions on improvements are of course welcome.

Operational collaboration with Argentina

We have a potential collaborator/volunteer sysadmin from Argentina who we should onboard. Wouter invited him to the chat, we’ll also invite him to the next Tech circle meeting so that he can meet everyone. We also had some other volunteers reach out in the past but we were not able to find a good way to include them. Let’s use this opportunity to improve this process, we can also reach back to those others who offered help and try to bring them onboard.


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