Testing the poll


Vote here if you see this proposal! Testing out how public polls show up.


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Do we show who votes what?
  • Vote - publicly
  • Vote - anonymously
  • Something else

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it seems that “votes are public” is not working. I activated the advanced option of “Show who voted”, but no way are we seeing the name of the voter…

That coz it only works on bar charts:

Show who voted:
When enabled, allows those who can view poll results to also view the specific choices of each poll user. Bar Chart type only

A or B or C?
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  • B
  • C

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aha, and now that 2 voted, how do we know who voted and for what? (I’m almost sure I know it, but that’s cause you started this poll and then I voted ;-)) It doesn’t seem to be visible, or do I miss sth?

Hmmm - you’re right, it still doesn’t show us who voted - but I think I may have buggered up the settings! Try this one:

testing again!
  • This
  • Or
  • That

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Now it works :slight_smile: you can see the little O (osb) under my vote