Testing the poll


Vote here if you see this proposal! Testing out how public polls show up.


  • Agree
  • Abstain
  • Block

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Do we show who votes what?
  • Vote - publicly
  • Vote - anonymously
  • Something else

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it seems that “votes are public” is not working. I activated the advanced option of “Show who voted”, but no way are we seeing the name of the voter…

That coz it only works on bar charts:

Show who voted:
When enabled, allows those who can view poll results to also view the specific choices of each poll user. Bar Chart type only

A or B or C?
  • A
  • B
  • C

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aha, and now that 2 voted, how do we know who voted and for what? (I’m almost sure I know it, but that’s cause you started this poll and then I voted ;-)) It doesn’t seem to be visible, or do I miss sth?

Hmmm - you’re right, it still doesn’t show us who voted - but I think I may have buggered up the settings! Try this one:

testing again!
  • This
  • Or
  • That

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Now it works :slight_smile: you can see the little O (osb) under my vote

I noticed that we didn’t implement this bar chart type voting in our Decision template. I’m doing that now so our voting makes visible who voted what.

This is our new template:

## Proposal


## Voting

[poll name=poll2 type=multiple results=always min=1 max=2 public=true chartType=bar]
* Agree
* Abstain
* Block
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