Thanks to for providing our development server

I’d like to thank for their very kind and generous support for this project — over the weekend we were kindly provided with a 4G RAM / 4 CPU development virtual server by them, they are a:

not-for-profit provider of free to use, accessible cloud-hosting services to the free and open source software community.

Our development server is available here:

All the code we are writing is available under the GPLv3 (LGPL in the case of the forked Greenlight codebase) and we are provisioning our servers using the code in this repo and the Ansible BBB role in this repo (plus a lot of Webarchitects Ansible roles, see the requirements file), using a custom Greenlight Docker container built using this repo via a fork of the Greenlight codebase.

See this thread regarding access to the GitLab server at


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