Thanks to The Digital Live Collective for providing our server

We are very grateful to the Digital Life Collective for their contribution of a 2x E5440 @ 2.83GHz (8 core) 16GiB ram 2TB disk server which is now hosting, this server is intended as a demonstration server, it is open for anyone to create accounts on to try BigBlueButton … please use this server to introduce people to The Online Meeting Co-operative so they can have a play with the functionality.

We have a servers page on the wiki where all the different servers we have are listed together with their purpose and the level of service you can expect from them.



Recently, I have noticed that our demo server has not been performing well - just a few hours ago, a 3-person session we had was so choppy we had to switch to another BBB service outside of

I think we should install something like Xymon

and we should get ssh access to the server.

What do you think?

We have SSH access to the server but I haven’t setup Munin stats for it (I expect the issue is with connectivity rather than load) — as soon as we have multiple Greenlights working we should migrate the sites to a container on


Since the server is a physical machine and not a virtual server I would expect good performance. I do not have ssh access to investigate the problems but there has been choppy speech occasionally. Here is a review from one user.

Basil Today at 8:00 AM
Hi Jim, had a meeting using as a workshop for our community. Some feedback for consideration: Audio kept “chopping”. Haven’t heard this type of chop before, it wasn’t an electronic kind of distortion, but a i can hear 1 second, 1 second gone, back again, gone again.

The delete button on the shared whiteboard removes ALL your annotations. No way to just remove your last one, or delete one input. So if i mistyped my last text addition for eg, i can only delete everything else I have written or keep it there.

The shared notes takes very long time to load. I suppose this is an integrated API?

Finally, I’d highly recommend a standardized sticky note system for text, vs drawing a box for text input of varying sizes. It just makes things easier I think?

Otherwise I love the project and really keen to help support.

These could be bugs from older BigBlueButton versions. Maybe we should try to update the demo server soon.

Also, changing the size of txt font (at ‘Settings’) changes all text except the shared notes - which is perhaps where it’s most wanted?! How can this option be extended to the Etherpad back-end thro the API?

mtr has shown better network performance compared with other machines (physical and virtual) I have tested including The bandwidth used is insignificant. Any ideas why some people are experiencing choppy speech?

There where a lot of bug fixes in the last few months and I remember at least one chopped audio bug, so updating BBB might do it.

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