The Convenient Company

Hello everyone!

I recently came across this forum and after having gone through the Platform Coops Now! course, I wanted to keep the momentum going.

One of my main topics of interest was how to organise each other and build the different projects we all strive to make a reality.

I have noticed that the basic theme we were having throughout the course was how to sustain each others efforts.

I came to the conclusion that the best option was to create a new Cooperative that would allow members of the course to join if they see it as providing their needs.

This co-op has the intention to invite like-minded people in any domain (primarily in the Agriculture, Health, Energy, Transport, Education, and Housing) to provide basic needs cooperators in order for them to create whatever projects they would like to pursue that also benefits the co-op and its members.
Of course this co-op will also include other areas where members find interrelationships with the different sections previously mentioned.

I have create a Prezi presentation that will provide an overview here.

The startup is set-up as a coop in the Netherlands. Its purpose is to allow any type of business to sell its assets to it for prospective entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to get out of the market and move onto new projects.

The process entails giving every seller one share in the coop so they can access the resources they put in it (Property/Plant/Equipment). The coop works on an invitation only basis. As the name suggests every member will be allowed to invite new members to join the coop in order to benefit the whole.

Additionally, the coop will provide a severance package in the form of Gold, Silver and Cryptocurrency (at the new member’s choice) to preserve their purchasing power from any savings they have accumulated over time. This process is initiated after members have put their assets into the coop.

Prospective members shouldn’t feel pressured into buying in the coop. The experience is supposed to be as orderly and sequentially as possible. New members should take it one step at a time as they are getting used to the idea.

I would be happy to answer any further questions in the comments :slight_smile: