The coop-commons and the handbook

We adopt a model of commoning as a collective, transformative, activist practice, presented by respected commons researchers David Bollier and Silke Helfrich. See: Commoning - The resurgent power of the commons.

We translate their model in this way . .

  • Provisioning/curating/cultivating of commoned means of subsistence and wellbeing
  • Stewarding of commoned means, and of practice in the commons
  • Mobilising/enjoying/celebrating of the commons, by members, in everyday life and work

. . and represent it visually in this way, as a constellation of practices that constitute a community around shared means of subsistence and wellbeing (‘a commons’):

This commoning model is the basis of the design of, as a commons of digitally mediated spaces. The three component modes of practice (‘the triad’) thus underlie three basic divisions in the Handbook: