The purpose of each circle

Here is a draft of a statement about, comprising three ‘one-pagers’ on the operational focus of each of the three circles. For discussion, in parallel with @wouter 's About I think some kind of hybrid is called for.

Please discuss your circle’s description of purpose, and feed back to the Organisational Operations circle.

These descriptions seem quite large. But I think that’s where we’re at right now. We may only have three circles-worth of attention available to us, but the complexity of the project, in principle, long term, doesn’t get any smaller to match!

What I’m aiming for here is a statement of the organising principles. The practice, short- and medium-term, will be more limited, according to agile assessments in the circles. But I think the principle is what will get us the kinds of committed users we need to be collaborating with, to bring the project home.

@aaronhirtenstein would love to have your comments here - in among starting new jobs, placements, etc etc :wink:

great start Mike - I’m also wondering when each circle will meet? We agreed to make time date polls to figure out the best times for regular meetings but I am not sure if that has already been kicked off and I have missed it…?