The tools of collaboration

I have cross posted this event from the site in order to add it to the events calendar on this forum.


Every group, project or community needs digital tools to enable collaboration. But which tools should we choose?

This is the first of two sessions looking at common infrastructure for the communities and organisations that are building the new economy.

The session will draw on the needs and experiences of the participants to determine use cases in several sectors of new-economy practice.

We will use breakouts and polls as a basis to identify a simple suite of collaborative tools which any new economy project can use to collaborate – and that will become the infrastructure for the working groups of The Open Coop.

Registration is required so please book your tickets now and come ready to collaborate.

This is our chance to co-create the future we want, together!

This is a session I’m convening. Do contact me if there’s anything you want to discuss - process-wise or content-wise.

The storyboard for this session is part of this document.