Time tracking with Kimai

We have a Kimai time tracking site at time.meet.coop with then intention of enabling everybody working for The Online Meeting Co-operative to keep track of the time they are spending.

We haven’t yet worked out how if or how to count time against financial contributions or if or how to reward people for time worked, financially or otherwise, however if we all keep track of the time we spend then at least we will have an idea of the quantity of human resources, in terms of time, being spent by contributors… and we should then have some better data for making these decisions in the future…

If you don’t have an account please request one in the thread below, unless you specify a email address that is different from the one you have used to register on this forum either in this thread or in a PM then the forum email address will be used for account creation.

Help documentation for using the time tracker can be found on the wiki.

Hi Chris,

I’d like to have a look at Kimai, can you create an account for me?


I’ve created an account with a random password @dvdjaco, so you should be able to request a password reset here, I have made you an Administrator which might mean you are able to create accounts for others.


I was having a look at the time tracker so that I could log the hours spent on the logo and noticed there’s no option for design.

Could this be added and if not, what should I log it as?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks, sorry for not doing this sooner, I have added a “Design” activity, I’m not sure if it is worth adding additional “Projects” at this stage, so I think the use the “Admin” project with “The Online Meeting Co-operative” as the client.

Thanks Chris! :slight_smile:

Hypha folks are tracking with our current tool for now. We’ll figure our how to import / report later, but here is a view of what has been reported, and it’ll update as we log more tasks and hours.

I’d like an account please. I guess I’m happy to file hours under ‘design’ too - work-organisation design/governance design/business-model design. Everything i do in my life is ‘design’ :wink: All work and no play :-§

Recording hours for future credits, when we get that far, not for financial payment.

I’ve created an account for you @mikemh, you can reset your password using your email address, we can create additional categories for recording time against if you would like.

Am I missing something @chris ? I seem unable to log in with meet.coop email ID + password, or username + password. The login page says ‘invalid credentials’ to both. And when it mails me a password reset, this doesn’t arrive (it’s not in spam).

Is there a deafult password that was issued, that I need to log in with first time, then alter?

Thanks for reporting this @mikemh, I had omitted to URL encode @ as %40 for the email URL. This is now fixed and I have triggered a password reset email for you.

Thanks @chris, working now.

Hi @chris - please can I have an account to track time?

I guess we need to start working out some guidance for who can submit time for what…?
And also who / how / which tasks we compensate for / in what order ?
I think @benhylau was suggesting this is the next job for the “Organizational Operations” circle…


@osb you should have, or will soon get, a password reset email. I have made you an “Administrator”, I believe that this means you should be able to create other accounts and see all the time tracked.


Given that we have agreed to have 3 circles of work + All Hands, we should also mimic this inside the time tracker. Today I have applied these inside Kimai:
Screenshot from 2020-07-21 15-34-38

Note that the former BBB project is now DevOps and the Admin project is now Organisational Ops.

Then we have a range of activities in Kimai that we can select to book our time. So I have added a few categories to make it somewhat more categorised.
Screenshot from 2020-07-21 15-43-41
If you have comments, we can of course adjust.

I’ve created a time tracking account for Graham Mitchell who is on the management committee of Webarchitects and will be attending the meeting on Thursday.

Need an admin account for myself to do project setup. Thanks.

I have added Hypha hours to Kimai from the beginning of our involvement in May as monthly aggregates.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 12.27.21 AM

@elon @Yurko I have created accounts for you both and will PM you the passwords. Please login to change them at https://time.meet.coop

cc. @wouter @osb

@benhylau I would also need a account

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