Weekly All Hands Meeting 16th July 2020

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Oof, as it turns out, I can’t make it due to paid work commitments…still hoping to see a deadline set for finalising discussions and getting stuck into the service offering…

I’ve assembled a ‘one pager’ from one-pagers for each of our operational circles. The idea is partly to check the coherence and completeness of our three-circle organisation design. Partly to direct thought to how the rationale for the project is expressed, and articulated, down in the machinery of the organisation design. Partly to prompt each circle to be explicit about its brief/mission at this formative stage, and its relationships with the other two.

This is exploratory draft, for purposes of thinking. It comes out in a different shape from ‘About meet.coop’ existing in the wiki. The two drafts empasise things differently and I think a hybrid would be good in the one-pager.

I’ve linked to the exploratory draft in today’s agenda, next to ‘About meet.coop’ at item 2. The draft is here

I will miss the meeting today unfortunately, but well done with all the work with payment processing and offerings, I think both suggestions look good.

Next week @Andreas from collective tools will fill in for me at the circle and all hands meetings.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to contribute this week. I have just started a 3-month positoon at Outlandish and another job so it’s a bit hectic. I need to figure out how I can fit this in without going crazy! I will fnd time to catch up on things and hopefully add some useful comments

Hey all I will be on vacation from Thu/Fri this week until end of the month, mostly disconnected, so I will likely miss this week’s All Hands and WG meetings that are scheduled after Wed. If I don’t see you sooner then in August :slight_smile:

Enjoy :grinning: Hoping were still in one piece when you get back :wink: Thanks

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