Welcome at The Online Meeting Cooperative forum!

Hola Jorge, nice to see you here! Looking forward to meeting you in the commons.hour session in 40 minutes with femProcomuns and others. And of course, if there’s anything you’d like to share or engage in with meet.coop, name it :slight_smile:

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Hi all! My name is Andi (pronouns she/her). I started with Hypha Workers Co-op last month, and although I’ve met some members already, I wanted to introduce myself here. My background is in digital strategy and research, primarily in the Canadian nonprofit sector. I’m relatively new to the co-op space, so looking forward to learning more about it and participating in future discussions.


Hello everybody, here Luis (he/him) from P2PModels where I work as a developer. I also work in amoved, a small team working in web development trying to engage with the Spanish social economy to empower digital commons and alliances between cooperatives and associations. I also participate since its foundation in a collective vegetable garden (@retomalahuerta) in Madrid, the city I live in.
I’m very interested in digital autonomy and technological sovereignty so if you have interesting thinks to talk about here I am!
I work a lot these days but I’ll try to help as much as I can!


Hi, I’m Daniel from Argentina. I’m a sysadmin at AlterMundi.
I am interested in collaborating, cooperating and learning,


Hi Daniel, we saw that you were in the commons.hour meeting just now, but having problems in audo connection. Thanks for coming, and we hope that at least the discussion was stimulating?

Your connection through Brave browser/PC should in principle have been OK, so I’m sorry but I don’t have any further idea why it wasn’t possible to get audio today.

Perhaps you heard the discussion about collaboration for meet.coop in regional economic development, through local coops, in municipal-commons alliances, and have some thoughts about this in Argentina?

Hi Mike.
I don’t know but i’m going to look here. I will look into social and solidarity economy initiatives.

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@wekun / Links to notes and recording from the session are posted now: Session#8 discussion - #2 by mikemh

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Hi all, I’m Han.

I’m an EFL teacher and I use BBB for online tutoring. I have been using Zoom for over a year now, but the features are a bit limited (as a linux user). I was just playing around with the features on BBB and it’s like a new lexicon has opened up for me. I can’t wait to play around with closed captioning!

I’ve had my eye on BBB for a while now so I’m happy to get access to the platform as I was never savvy enough to get it running on a server.

The fact that I’m supporting a co-op is a nice bonus. I’ve been getting more interested in co-ops over the last month or so. In Malaysia, there are not many worker co-ops and I’d like to be part of the movement to change that.


hi @tshiunghan, welcome and so great to see that you joined as member! I hope the online service provides a positive experience and may you discover many new features and good uses for your groups. Feel free to share difficulties and requests for help here, and report your experience as a member report here.

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The member report section was the exact section I was looking for. Thanks so much!

I am Ole. I was introduced for meet.coop at 2022Firenze the 20th years anniversary for the first European Social Forum. I am the international coordinator for the Norwegian Social Forum and a member of the International council of the World Social Forum. This is voluntarily work.

Professionally I am a social entrepreneur running a small enterprise called Nedenfra/From below, where I work with exploring possibilities for democratic participation in urban development.

In addition to this I am involved with several coops in diverse fields as housing and culture.

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Hej Ole - Great to meet you @ 2022Firenze, and fabulous to see you here in meet.coop forum. Perhaps you and your Norwegian ESF colleagues (greetings to Daniel, Anna, Larissa) will like to check out this project - announced @ Firenze - as it develops over coming months: Welcome to the dance of infrastructure project

De beste ønsker

Thanks Mike for the heads up.

I have noticed the invitation to the dance of infrastructure. I find it quite interesting and will try to follow the discussions dependent on capacity. I see that you already have addressed the question of payment. I would have loved to tried it out, but it is a bit to pricey for me, so I will stick to Jitsi for videomeetings for now. I would have considered lowering the price / making it voluntarily for the lowest levels, with some extra features that could be payed for, like break out rooms and shared whiteboard. I also wonder if you have interpreter options? That would also be most valuable to the global progressive processes.

Beste ønsker til deg også.


We see this as a central concern, and we keep it under review. Existing threads in this forum include:

We certainly will bring a focus to this in the upcoming ‘dance of infrastructure’ series of sessions.

Cross-posting this response under About the Languages category

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Great. This is important. Keep up the good work.


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I would have considered lowering the price / making it voluntarily for the lowest levels, with some extra features that could be payed for, like break out rooms and shared whiteboard.

All these features come in the bundle of BigBlueButton, as we find it available to us in the open source repo. We haven’t the developer time available to split out these functions. And personally, I’m not sure I would want to do a ‘basic, free’ option. In order to maintain our platform, we do need paid memberships, to pay wages to a core team.

This is a complex area, with conflicts - hence, something we need to look at in the dance of infrastructure. A combination of paid and gift provisions is clearly going to be involved in the infrastructure, from various kinds of providers, for various kinds of users?

For future reference, reposting this here: Meet.coop service levels and prices - #5 by mikemh

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Thanks for the reply. I am just giving input from my perspective where the existing pricing range, as well as paid zoom, is out of my range. At least as long as I can use Jitsi for free. I do however wish for your work to succeed, and if it had a pricing scheme available for me, I would most certainly use it. But as for now, it is to pricey for me to onboard.

Thanks for the good effort.

Best regards



Hi All,
My name is Habib, and I’m originally from Iran but have been living and working in Sydney, Australia for the past few years. I teach Sociology, and two of my favorite areas of study are public sociology and filmic sociology (participatory filmmaking).

Lately, I’ve been delving deeper into cooperative theories and reading more about Mondragon Corporation. I look forward to learning more about cooperative ideas in various fields, particularly filmmaking, teaching, and maybe even Mondragon Corporation, from all of you and engaging in interesting discussions.



Hi, hopefully I’m posting this in the right spot. My name is John, I’m a software developer trapped like a rat in the U.S. economy, scrabbling wildly to save up enough retirement money and terrified of aging in a for-profit healthcare system. I say this only to acknowledge what everyone in the USA has to contend with as we all get older.

If I wasn’t trapped, I would be working at a co-op right this minute, so I’m looking for the next best thing which I think might be participating in the discussions of a co-op. I’m looking forward to listening in on board meetings or something like that, and trying to get a good sense of what coops are out there and what they’re accomplishing.

I’m thinking I’ll donate my server time to some of the operating coops who might be members if that’s possible.

Anyway, look forward to getting to know this community.



Hi all :wave:

I’m working as an open source activist and independent consultant. I’m also very interested in building cooperative infrastructure and active in the Danish data.coop (a small local cooperative where we take things slowly so we can build them bigger over time).

I’m very happy to finally start using your platform for various use-cases where I hope I can convince other like-minded organizations to join you.