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a sign that Europe was beginning to embrace its own privacy-friendly messenger service
conversations are hosted and owned entirely by the participating servers, rather than being stored centrally somewhere in Silicon Valley

This news item hints at the market we’re selling into? Although . . the German market is more advanced than others in this regard, d’you think?

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@freescholar in community bridge wrote . .

looking forward to moving to meet.coop services ASAP . . Will need canvas integration and also looking for how to use GreenLight to set up rooms similarly to what WordPress offers . . . WordPress . . . is great for BBB integration

Such integrations are beyond our very short-term development vision, yes? I can think of a bunch of really helpful developments in the front end (Greenlight is not wonderful). But right now I accept that, as @wouter has said in another conversation, MVP is where we’re at, in order to get income flowing and repay a backlog of already committed labour contributions, and to secure future operations?

stay 200% focused on the absolutely minimum viable product

Significant progressive wisely-demanding users like @freescholar /Agaric, who we have strong bonds of principle with, need to be invited into a shared awareness of the tight circumstances we are operating in - just like any other small startup free software producer coop? Precarious is the name of the free software coop game, yes? We need good users as long-run strategic partners with shared vision, but in the shortest term can’t be meeting wishlists bcos we have no economic slack - free (libre) software :smile: , but sadly, not free (beer) labour :frowning_face: ? This calls for a sensitive and open dialogue? This is the start of a long haul, financially bootstrapping?

Hi Micky - should we talk about this balancing act of livelihood and ambitions? Agaric is not unfamiliar with the story, I’m sure. MayFirst too. @jamie Workers of the free software/movement organisation world, unite?

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Workers of the free software/movement organisation world, unite?

Indeed :slight_smile:

I think the tricky part is that small scale video conferencing is starting to be quite common. As @mikemh says go for the bare minimum in terms of features, but I think getting some kind of scale is pretty important.

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In an email exchange with Burak Nehbit of Aether Technologies he noted . .

Kudos on the anti-Zoom work, by the way, keep fighting the good fight. If possible, please make it so that BBB has the best audio quality possible and we can start using your work too. I have to use Zoom myself because I have a hearing disability (some hearing loss — I use hearing aids) and that means I’m super sensitive to voice quality, bad voice physically hurts my ears. Unfortunately, Zoom has the best sound quality, by far, of anything else out there, so I’m forced to use it. I have a Gigabit connection, and Jitsi / BBB sound still sucks, I don’t know why.

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@Yasuaki noted . .

I have just heard my friend from a Japanese worker coop that they cannot centrally record the breakout sessions (A willing participant in a breakout session can record on the client side and later transfer the file but that is too cumbersome) in Zoom.

It seems the situation is no better in BBB