World Social Forum @ Tunisia Sept/Oct - Expanded secretariat?

FYI - MayFirst has posted the following reportback on recent developments in the WSF:

snip > [It]t was after the experience of the World Social Forum 2022 in which we participated as mayfirst in Mexico and that in the IC (International Council) we made an evaluation of the forum and as a result we proposed a seminar in Tunisia that could be held between September and October of this year with the intention of glimpsing its possible future.

Since then we have held 2 online meetings with members of the IC and participating organizations, last June 25 and this Tuesday July 12, which among other things resulted in the proposal to create 3 groups to facilitate the process: *Mobilization *Methodology *Census.

And it is discussed and opens a possibility of making an expanded secretariat with a more active role by the organizations and it is there that suggests an invitation to organizations such as Primero de Mayo that are part of the International Council to be part of this secretariat. <snip @jamie @Jaime

D’you know if this has any relationship with the ESF gathering plans for Firenze, November? @jnardi @otisyves @fredsultan @wouter ?