Your own video on BBB should be mirror image?

we had an evaluation meeting today on and not showing your own video in mirror image bothered several people. The request was made that we set that option. What do others think.


it massively bothered @mikemh and me when we first started using BBB - I seem to have got used to it now… but it is a bit silly to have it mirrored as default when it’s so easy for BBB to flip it… I say yes, absolutely, lets offer this as an option. @hng how long might it take to add this?


As this is an option that impacts all users I am not sure how to proceed. Should we have a vote? Could there be people that want non-mirred video (it enables you to show documents into the camera and these are readable for the other participants)?

show documents into the camera

Hadn’t thought of that. I suggest that mirroring should be the default, but switchable. That implies modifying the BBB UI, so individual participants can switch their view, rather than something to be implemented at room- or account-level, in Greenlight? Or maybe, a switch available in the Presenter controls?

The option in the UI should be added to BBB in the future, but I do not know when. Question would be if this issue needs to be fixed before?

Doing the UI modification ourselves is probably not an option because of lacking resources (developers and funds).

Other people’s video and shared screen is never mirror image so the documents read fine.
There is usually an option to reverse the video with the default that you see yourself mirror image. BBB is different.
I suggest mirroring your video shown to you should be the default if nobody is bothered when left goes left and right goes right like a mirror since it does bother some people badly when their image moves opposite to their motion.

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