About the Community circle category

The Community circle category includes all topics under the view of the Community circle. It carries the tag Timeframe-comment.

It includes the principles and practice of going ‘beyond the fragments’ in the wider community of users, composition of the user community of meet.coop and serving the aims of various sectors, facilitation of collaborations and federations, principles of design justice and tools for conviviality, the commons.hour programme and other venue spaces for research/exploration/dialogue across the community.

Documentation for the programme lives in NextCloud:

Channels of communication in the Community - this forum is the main one - are described here:

Thanks for creating Commmunity.
I don’t think I have permission to add a category to a thread - for example Working as a community. Can we change the existing category - Prod Circle - to Community? Not terribly fluent in Discourse bells & whistles.

D’you think the other (sub?)category on that thread - Growing community - is still useful, or is it now effectively absorbed by Community (which refers to all proto-circle activity)? That category does have a whole bunch of threads in it, not all of which is ‘community’, some is Product for example? So I guess that category continues?