All Hands 13th January 2022

In this first month of the new year we’ll be meeting on the SECOND Thursday exceptionally to avoid national holidays in some places and extend our DURATION to 90 minutes. This should give us some extra time for a toast :beers: and a STRATEGIC discussion of where we want to go.

Here’s a preliminary set of agenda items, feel free to add below. Last session: Dec 2nd. And don’t forget to confirm that you are GOING :slight_smile:

:white_check_mark: Agenda

  • :face_with_monocle: Volunteers for facilitator, note-taker and task-updater
  • :speech_balloon: New Year’s Best Wishes Check-in: go-round, 30s-1m on how you’re doing and intentions for the new year
  • :love_letter: Brief Announcements, [write title of announcement here]
  • :eye: Vision, new year strategic reflection (Wouter), ‘Notes on strategy’ from commons.hour (@mikemh ). Comments round
  • Contribution accounting: keynote slide. Also, if you have 5min extra for reading: Queries on contribution accounting from @bhaugen @lynnfoster
  • Survey summary (read here one page Executive Summary)
  • :boom: Key issues - for action?:
    • bounties - for specific tasks & recruiting new members
    • board? alongside all-hands
    • grants. Strategic partnerships
    • ops members contribution @ commons.hour: outcomes are for the coop!
    • compensation framework revisited - diverse contributions recognised
  • :ear: Feedback round
  • :green_circle: Circle updates
    • In the discussion about each circle, make sure we refer to concrete tasks [Task tracking ],