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As announced today, meetcoop as we know it, is coming to an end. We open this thread as a place to debate the options on how to go from here.

As a starter, with the we have elaborated a brief Technical overview document explaining what infrastructure we manage.

Background to the changes and strategy for moving forward are offered in Evolution of - Background and framework.

@astrojuanlu replies on the announcement:

Hi folks, this is really sad news and I’m sorry you’ve reached this point. Could you share more details on what exactly caused it? Was the service not financially sustainable? Should the membership fees have been higher? Or are there other logistics or organizational problems?

Indeed we have a series of initial reflections to why we reached this point. We should share them publicly and reflect more widely.

@steff sends us her reply by email:

dear Ops Members,

you have done a great job over the last years! Thank you for everything!!!

We’re very sorry to hear that the financial and organisational structures are no longer sustainable and you have to discontinue the service within the next six months.

One thing is for sure: our small organisation will be lost without you. After all, we only ever work online with partners all over the world on our transnational projects …

We wish everyone all the best for the future!

Steff+Knut from movingsport

thanks Steff, for your kind words! And let’s hope we find a new home for the service and the community.


Reflections begin under ‘Background’ here: Evolution of - Background and framework - #2 by mikemh Our evolution plan also includes a Learning/legacy thread for ongoing systematic reflection. See ‘The project’ here: Evolution of - Background and framework - #3 by mikemh

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In Mastodon, a dawn walk wrote:

Kudos to all the #meetcoop / people for pulling together and running the service for the past three years! I often saw from the sidelines how much work that took as multi stakeholder initiative. :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: Personally I had lots of fun hosting a conference and all sorts of other calls on the service. It feels like there are a lot of learnings about cooperatively managed infra that hopefully get shared after some time and distance

. . and yes, we mean to develop learnings and share them here in the forum. See: Changes coming to – discussion - #3 by mikemh

A member of our community in Toronto posted in matrix (in three languages!):

Thank you everyone for all the hard work over the years. A new chapter in our lives to open, new challenges to over come. Build Back Better. From your friend in Toronto, Canada.