Discussion - Mapping the contributions in the meet.coop community

Here we discuss issues arising in the commons.hour special sesssion on mapping contributions in the meet.coop community. Sign-up - commons.hour special : mapping the contributions in the meet.coop community (part 1)

Post-meeting links, including shared notes and video recording, will be posted here.

Designing the survey made us think again about contributions, venues & relationships in meet.coop as a multistakeholder coop-commons.

Seems the standard DisCO frame - livelihhod work/care work/love work - can’t be directly taken over bcos the nature of the underlying production differs. They are craft media production (one-off English-Spanish transaltions), we are digitally-mediated infrastructure (a stack of ‘spaces’). Maybe we are more intrinsically a commons (infrastructure = commons?) than they are (translation = livelihood work?).

Somehow, this makes the balance different. Being multistakeholder (worker/consumer) makes the balance different too. Thus DisCO contribution principles must be adopted/adapted, rather than simply slapping an existing language on to our situation? See Note on concepts