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commons.hour special : mapping the contributions in the community (part 1)

Ela Kagel (Supermarkt, Berlin), Wouter Tebbens, Mike Hales (Community circle, A hands-on workshop session, engaging with:

  • Mapping contributions across the full range of members and settings in as a multistakeholder coop
  • Being fair and open, in response to livelihood needs (paid ‘operations’ work) and respectful in response to ‘gift’ contributions (unpaid, volunteer work)
  • Identifying locations where contributions get valued within the community of
  • Distinguishing and handling financial and other contributions. Also, distinguishing and handling financial and other forms of recognition.
  • This is a first step towards explicit multistakeholder contribution accounting in, and towards tracking value flows in an openvalue network.

Please note: There is a survey Contribution Accounting Survey @meetcoop.
Please do fill this in before Dec 10th.
Every response helps to make sense of this field of challenges… Thanks

Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-20-43 13 December 2021 (Second Monday - Note: The normal fourth Monday session is suspended this month.) Gathering starts 18:00 UTC, closes at 19:00. Extra time runs from 19:00 for half an hour, for informal check-in and organiser-chat.

registration_form Please register for this event - knowing how many people intend to participate helps us decide our facilitation approach.
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Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-20-58 The gathering is in the commons.hour room at meet. coop. For best performance, please use Firefox or Chrome browser, and a PC or laptop. The meeting will be recorded. If you wish to be anonymous you should join with an altered name, and leave your camera off.

Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-55-18 Essential links

So far 7 active members have already filled out the Contribution Accounting Survey. Thanks @mikemh @mnoyes @benjaminroyer @bhaugen @3wc Cade @wouter !

hopefully other @operational_members can find a moment this week to fill it out. don’t forget :slight_smile:

See you in a few hours! at 18 UTC = 19h CET etc

For discussion following this workshop (and results of survey on contribution accounting) see Contribution accounting in