Evolution #2 - Migrate the platform. SSO, privacy

It’s not initially clear that WebTV will want to adopt the Single Sign On (SSO) arrangements that are in place on BBB/OpenCollective/membership registry. This thread is to explore that.

Also to discuss matters of data security and privacy, to be put in place as part of the migration of BBB to WebTV. There are two aspects. One is privacy and security of User members’ recordings in BBB. The other is privacy and security of the membership registry.

This is a sub-thread of Evolution 2 - Migrate the platform

Gabriel @gcotnoir and @Yurko will need to figure the SSO thing?

@Yurko to advise on how the members’ register (spreadsheet!) is populated via the SSO system, and the status of the spreadsheet regarding manual updates. For example, removing members who no longer subscribe. @wouter and @Graham perhaps have knowledge of how OC works when a user member ceases subscribing?

Is there a better (simple!) option than the current klunky multi-row multi-column spreadsheet?

We probably need to assemble our community wisdom on data privavcy and security. Regarding different jurisdictions and best practices. A commons.hour on this?

Pulling in @elon to this convo, he has better knowledge of how it works.

From what I recall the sheet is not updated automatically.
Also there was a decision NOT to automatically disable users the laps to try to “win them back”

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A specific topic has been opened on data privacy and regulatory regimes: Evolution #2 - A `commons.hour` on data privacy and regulatory regimes - #4 by mikemh. SSO still to be explored here.