Evolution #3 - Migrate membership. Voice of the commons community(ies)

This is a sub-thread of Evolution 3 - Migrate the membership

In discussion between meet. coop Evolution team @evolution and @gcotnoir , the issue of members’ voice has been opened. A spectrum of options has emerged, to be considered at the Board of Stewards. All are gift work. The listing below starts small, working up to more complex.

@gcotnoir / WebTV expresses a strong interest in the issue of governance and voice by meet. coop members. Perhaps we need to talk also with other members of WebTV Board (President, Gèrald LaRose? somebody who knows the Quebec legal stuff?)

In discussion between meet. coop evolution team and Gabriel, a spectrum of options has emerged, to be considered at the Board of Stewards. All are gift work. Starting small and short term, and working up to more complex and longer term, these options are . .

  • An ops team to troubleshoot the transition, maybe paid a stipend, wrapping up when transition is achieved. This seems like a basic provision for smooth migration?
  • A monthly open gathering of ex-evolution team, ex-Board of stewards, and anyone else interested, to monitor and propose responses to evolution issues (continuing strategy, Board/governance, membership/legal relations between WebTV/meet.coop, etc). Good for orientation of WebTV people (as are all below).
  • A monthly community call, for all members (and WebTV people).
  • A Board (elected?) of an informal movement organisation, whose purpose is - just a stab at this - to advance federated provision and governance of digital infrastructure in the commons, across regions, serving solidarity economy and social movements.
  • A Board (elected) of an incorporated coop, same purpose.

Something is shifting here? Previously operational members were at the front. It may be that now the users of the BBB service are moving to the front (together with the front-end work of membership relations, and possibly the Board-level work of relationships across the federation). Not a bad thing; an evolution.

Following deliberations by the Board, the course of action being adopted needs to be reviewed and approved by meet. coop members. Board to lead. Not only: