Lessons from using BigBlueButton for Open2020

I realise that this thread might be a little premature as the event is yet to take place but one lesson that I have learnt from this experience so far is that for the future we should expect that some events / organisations are going to need their own custom BigBlueButton clients, I don’t know how these will best be built but, for example the open.coop website is running WordPress and there is a BigBlueButton WordPress plugin so perhaps that might be an option for future events:

Of course due to time and resource constraints this hasn’t been an option for this event.

What other lessons are there…?

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Users may need to ‘clear the cache’ of their web browser when they are having unexplainable audio issues!!

In addition, I think this is better known - in general, when someone is having issues with audio or video, refreshing the browser’s screen seems to be the first thing to try

Only Safari seems to be supported in Iphone. All other browsers fail with contradictory error messages!

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