Listing BBB & Greenlight config improvements

our users have been giving giving feedback, mostly through this forum, for small improvements that can be obtained by configuration changes in the software we use, BigBlueButton and Greenlight. We’re compiling here a list, that can be edited as a wiki page. These configuration options maybe a tradeoff for different users and usecases. Others might need confirmation from about their feasibility.

  • Default Presentation (site wide), to be updated to a new illustration by Karen Paalman, inspired on work by Cyber4Edu that should help meeting participants find their way more easily when new in BBB (internal thread).

  • Custom presentation (the one room owners can upload to overwrite the Default Presentation) currently seems limited to max 1 MB upload size. Possibly we could increase this size limit to 4 or 8 MB?

  • When joining a room, there’s the obligatory screen to confirm that one is joining with a microphone. This screen seems clearly redundant. Maybe we can configure that everyone always joins with audio? What would be against that? (Note that the echo test is a necessary nuisance that helps your system to check your audio setup)
    Screenshot from 2022-06-15 12-31-11