Logistics & communication

here’s a few practical things for organising the first session:

  1. what will be the landing page of the session?
  • This is the whole thread: Shared Learning platform
  • This is the agenda for the first session in this thread: Shared Learning platform - #8 by wiki
    I feel that we need an announcement category, that is only postable by a limited set of people and we ask everyone to subscribe to it. Inside that category we post events, with a event date and RSVP button, such as Discourse offers us. How does that feel? It could be a subcategory of Community, or general of the whole forum.
  1. Announcements: we can post an announcement in the OpenCollective platform here (was suggested at last All Hands)
    Here’s a draft text, just a quick start, feel free to improve & rewrite:

  2. distribution channels:

  • social.coop
  • tomorrow (Monday) I hope to confirm the date to all participants so far by email with proper links (1 and 2) and ask them to spread the word
  • could post on the Free Knowledge Institute website
  • ?