Longer sessions or automatic saving of notes PLEASE

I started a meeting at 2pm. I took extensive notes in the shared notes pad. Meeting ended at 3pm. I got pulled away to deal with a minor crisis, came back just before 4:30pm to this:


Session not found.


All my notes, gone. I never ended the meeting or otherwise closed the session from my end.

The immediate question is whether i can get those notes back from some cache that you might have :sob:

The longer term feedback/request is that sessions should NOT end while someone is there, or if you want to cut audio connection when only one person is present to save resources (great!) then the pad connection should stay up.

Alternatively, notes and chat could automatically be saved to the room listing, and deleted if not wanted.

But this… this is bad.

Update! Cancel the request to restore the notes, the Firefox plugin Form History Control (II) came through for me again! (Does have to be installed at the time the data is lost, will not work retroactively!)

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But still think some care / feature here would be useful.

Hi @mlncn,

glad that you were able to recover your notes from your browser! Shared notes on BigBlueButton rooms are not persistent, they’re not stored after the room is closed. As for the room itself, we don’t have a maximum duration for meetings. The room stays open as long as there is at least one client connected, so there was either an issue with your connection to the server, or a server side error caused the session to end.


I think this is a really important feature.

It always happens at the worst times— by definition, when i step away from a meeting at the end of a long day, exhausted. For the first time in nine hours i am not working at my computer. My computer goes into suspend mode after 30 minutes of inactivity.

And that’s when i lose the meeting notes. Exactly when i’m least prepared to lose them, because that’s when i’m too worn out to save/process the notes as usual.