Missing recording of a meeting

Hey all, we recorded a meeting from a room on ca.meet.coop on Jan 26, and the recording is not showing up in the Room Recordings. What can we do? Is it possible it just didn’t record??

Tibet Sprague

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Slightly different issue, our recording from Sun 13th is showing up in the list at the bottom, and the link to the cloud version/playback is working fine. But when i click on download, i get a 404, see screenshot. I need to edit the recording so confidential stuff can be stripped before i circulate it - any suggestions? I know I’ll probably have to run the playback and record it all, but that would take an hour that I don’t really have!
Screenshot at 2022-02-14 07-47-03

I had the same problem March 10. 404 error when I click download button. (I am also on Ubuntu.) I can watch the video as a presentation, but can’t download. I am using Firefox on Ubuntu. The account is social.coop.meet.coop.

@dvdjaco @Yurko Is there something systematic here?

Actually . . I just checked Meet.coop European Meeting Room. Downloads are not available there, only playback. What’s up? @wouter

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@tibetsprague @mnoyes and all, meet.coop tech.circle has corrected the download option, it should work with all recordings. See announcement here. If you’re ok, we can archive this thread.

well I ever got the recording from jan 26, but things are working now so sure

Thanks! I got the recording I needed.OK to archive from my pov