Recordings take a long time to show up

A user raised this issue and I confirmed it by testing. I record, pause, and end the meeting. After which, there is no recording listed, including when I look as admin at all recordings on the server.
Because users don’t know the recording is not being saved, they might record a whole meeting only to find it is not there.

REVISED: the recordings did show up, but long after the fact (more than an hour?).

Yep, it takes a while.

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“More than an hour” is typical. Greenlight processes a whole bunch of files to generate the playback bundle - which as you’ll be aware isn’t just a single mp4 file, but is interactive in various ways (which is nice). I assume that there’s some specific process that needs to be run on the server, which ¿maybe? gets run in batches rather than continuously. I’ve encountered a situation where, late in the day (European time), a recording has been made which wasn’t available until the following morning. I was told that there’s some overnight admin process that prevents recordings being processed for a time.

So on one hand, a user needs to be aware that there will be some degree of delay. On the other hand, we need clarification from sysadmins regarding expectations of how long the processing lead time may be? And how much variation there is in this?


PS There are some other notes on the recording feature here Erratic Recording Behaviour