Shared learning space - Emerging threads

This proposes some threads for ongoing collaboration, which seemed to be tacit in the meeting held 15mar2021.

This note is accessible read-only downloadable here.

This draft follows an excellent and exciting Community programme sharing among 13 participants earlier this week - notes in the Forum here. The draft is a stab at identifying a number of threads of common interest, which might perhaps become clusters of ongoing collaborative development.

My hunch is that there may be half a dozen tacit threads of common interest:

  1. Weaving together synchronous and asynchronous elements of online course participation
  2. Multi-language capability in North-South solidarity economy organising
  3. Expanded ‘trinity’ - A generic toolstack for distributed organising and knowledge collaboration
  4. Formaciòn in regional and global activist communities
  5. The persuasive case for free-libre tools in coop organising
  6. Offers & wants

Below, I’ve tagged each of these with the names of folks in the meeting, who I’m guessing might be most interested in each of them.


  • In the first instance I’ll set these up as topic threads in the Discourse forum, where further exchanges can take place in public space. [Edit: Done - see links below] Meeting participants, please chip in freeely.

  • Further down the line, these threads of collaboration might be expected to generate sessions in the Programme. But more directly, the intention of these ‘pods’ would be to evolve practical collaboration in any of these fields, and weave them together as an emerging literacy in the digital toolstack: evolving a repertoire of tools for conviviality.

Below, I’ve included a couple of additional folks who weren’t in our meeting but probably share some of these orientations. I’ve not gone further than giving a title/tag to each potential pod, because it seems to me it would be up to the ppl who decide to be members, to define what the common agenda is. In the Forum . .

1 Weaving together Synchronous and asynchronous elements of online course participation - Mike Gismondi, Micky Metts, Gary Alexander, Mike Hales. Maybe Simon Grant, Keegan Rankin?

2 Multi-language capability in North-South solidarity economy organising - Frederick Sultan, Jason Nardi, MikeH, Wouter Tebbens. Maybe Matt Noyes ( Camille (FoEI)

3 Expanded 'trinity' - A generic toolstack for distributed organising and knowledge collaboration - Simon, MikeH, Wouter. Maybe Robert Best? Maybe Jonathan Cook Maybe Oli Sylvester Bradley (, OpenCoop), Matt?

4 Capacity building in activist communities regional and global - Gee, MikeH, MikeG. Maybe Jason, Frederick, Wouter, Matt?

5 The practical Rationale for free-libre tools in coop organising - Micky, Keegan. Maybe Simon, Jonathan Cook? Maybe Robert, MikeG, Matt? Maybe Marco Fioretti, Jason?

6 Offers & wants - Gary, Wouter, MikeH. Maybe Micky?

MikeH appears in pretty much all the above threads. I guess this reflects my present role, as the main convener of activity in the Community programme. The more that others pick up and run with various bundles of interest, the better! Wouter also is interested in mainly all this but doesn’t have that many hours in a day :wink:

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In each of the above areas, soon, in collaboration with those tagged above, I’ll aim to open up a federated wiki. The wiki would develop some framing of what might be explored and aimed for. I have a hunch that fedwiki can be a significant medium for . .

  • holding and sharing the evolving state of understanding in collaborative enquiries
  • a repertoire of tools and approaches for design, and
  • accounts or stories of forms of practice.

That is, I believe fedwiki is a natural medium for r&d collaboration within active pods of coproduction. So wiki(ing) could be an experimental learning space in its own right: a seventh thread of collaboration. We’ll see.

7 (Fed)wiki(ing) and pods of coproduction/murmuration - Robert Best, Mike Hales. Maybe Oli, maybe Simon?

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