Status? Using? Donating?

I’ve read a bunch of the wiki and threads here, but it’s a bit unclear to me what the current status is. Is the non-demo instance currently usable, or is it really still being set up and not recommended to use yet? Some pages say I should donate using Liberapay but I don’t see a profile there, threads here seem to indicate that donating vs billing etc are still being discussed?

I run a regular meetup that we’re trying to take online and somewhat interested in using BBB for this – I’m happy to contribute some money to this project even if it doesn’t work well for that since getting more BBB to more people affordably is also a very important thing to happen.

So, questions are:

  1. By the end of this month would it be reasonable to run a smallish (probably 25 but maybe as much as 50 participants) meetup on the prod server, or should we definitely not consider doing that?
  2. Can I send you money? Where? How much, ish?
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We are working out those details. I added your post to Upcoming Conference and Events for today’s discussion.

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