Upcoming Conference and Events

These are all upcoming events that have expressed an interest in Meet.coop. At the moment, it is still unclear whether we can support their needs, how, and what the pricing and payment model would be.

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For Our Networks, our current service levels wouldn’t work for their budget as a volunteer-organized community event with small budgets. From one of the organizers:

Our needs:

  • Dates from August 1-9 (with 7-9 as main days)

  • capacity of 100 participants in a room (imagining infrequently)

  • 3-6 rooms concurrent MAX but only a few times (will know more once schedule is completed, could aim to cap this in program)

  • Ideally more than one user account (based on how we’ve discussed setup so far, we can probably be flexible on this)

  • Testing by last week of July latest, tho we would be happy for earlier (e.g. for a month from July 10 to August 9 or similar)

Our next alternative is Zoom, which for comparable services goes for $20CA/month per user account (6) + $87 CA for participant add-on + $53CA for webinar add-on. So something like $260 CAD+tax and more in-line with our budget.


For events like that, I’d imagine the Medium Meet.coop service level, that has a proposed contribution of 100€ per month would be nearest. I’d think we could create a specific Events service level. What would it need for most smaller events, like the one you suggest, @benhylau ?

I think that Recordings is a key feature that should be on + online support. In that sense, given that BBB has either recordings on or off for all, and the privacy issues that entails, I imagine we’d need to have a dedicated BBB server (or cluster at some point), that has recordings on and is catered for events and public webinars, training sessions and so.

Also interpretation is a must for certain events.

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We are having lots of productive conversations on IRC re: the recording issue. I think we won’t need a separate instance of BBB to create recording vs. non-recording rooms using a mix of settings and upgrading to Greenlight 2.7. Retention specifics can be encoded into data policy.


The €200 setup kills it. Totals €300 for 2 days of use and that’s CAD 460 compared to Zoom’s CAD 260.

“Real-time” support can be an add-on, which I think we can allow someone from the DevOps Circle to be on-call for a fee, or the conference finds an existing person on DevOps Circle to do it for them for free.

Big budget conferences can have their peace of mind, small conferences can get same level of support in solidarity without paying the high cost.

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ok, that would be good to line out in the wiki!

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Yes I can see that. So maybe if we have a specific setup for events.meet.coop or so and the setup for a new event is really little, we could have a rather limited setup fee, how much would you suggest?

Maybe a tariff structure of say

  1. 100€ setup plus 50€/day, or
  2. 50€ setup plus 100€ for the first two days (and then X€/day), and give access to the machine some days in advance so they can prepare.
  • optional support costs if desired

Something like that. Gotta ask @chris and @hng. Not sure if we want events to be handled at the Beneficiary Member level or there is an Events Circle at Meet.coop level specialized in handling all aspects of events, and the setup fee can be custom.

A good hunch @benhylau @wouter . Already, I think we’ll need to take care in how many circles we define at first, or our limited community of active contributors will get ‘circled out’. But it’s clear by now, that the all-hands meeting can’t process the range of operational and strategic matters that are arising, and things need to be devolved?

Circles might be initially spun up when needed, when sufficient members (beneficiary and/oroperational) are involved to require deliberation around the core circle issue? So, if we have events coming up, short term, we’ll need the Events Circle right now?