Tech Circle regular meeting time

We still need to decide on a regular meeting time for the tech circle.

I propose Wednesdays at 14:00 CEST



OK, I am gonna be able to make it this week but can’t commit to the tech circle proper due to $reasons. Can do 1 hr max. Let’s get it into the discourse calendar thingy unless there are disagreements…

Great. I’ve added the event to this thread.

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Sorry, I have been struggling with the schedule. Would it be possible to start this earlier? I am asking only if theres no one attending from Americas. If that’s the case, the original schedule is fine :smile:

Is it possible to start at 14:00 CEST instead? (1 hour earlier?, again, if there’s no one attending from the American timezones)

Would be fine for me. What about @decentral1se?


Fine yep, that can work :+1:

ok! changed it to 14:00 CEST @Yasuaki

I have created this meeting as a weekly recurring on our new CalDAV that you can all use with 2-way sync

There is no location yet, as idk where you guys are meeting. Please add the location. Also the top still says 15:00 Berlin so I am keeping the event 15:00 CEST, not sure what you guys decided. You call should be able to change the calendar entry though.

Also are you guys able to accept the meeting?

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 11.14.46 PM

@hng @decentral1se, if you would like, we can start from 13:00CEST or something to investigate @caseyg 's Safari browser issue

I can reliably replicate the issue using my IPhone.

The interesting thing is my own BBB home server doesn’t seem to have this problem. Maybe I should also try ColloCall?

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sorry having said that, I will not be available until 14:00CEST anyway :sweat_smile: see you in 1 hour

Just logged in - I get

The meeting hasn’t started yet.

You will automatically join when the meeting starts.

I’ve created a new room:


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For transparency, I added @Yasuaki and @hng accounts on and gave them root access via sudo. I did this manually and not with the existing Ansible based method from webarchs as I am not familiar with it.

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@Yasuaki @hng

I made

Here is the bbb-conf output from the prod server just to share it quickly…

ii  bbb-apps                              1:2.2.0-45                                      amd64        BigBlueButton applications for Red5
ii  bbb-apps-akka                         2.2.0-87                                        all          BigBlueButton Apps (Akka)
ii  bbb-apps-screenshare                  1:2.2.0-45                                      amd64        BigBlueButton screenshare module for Red5
ii  bbb-apps-sip                          1:2.2.0-11                                      amd64        BigBlueButton SIP module for Red5
ii  bbb-apps-video                        1:2.2.0-42                                      amd64        BigBlueButton video module for Red5
ii  bbb-apps-video-broadcast              1:2.2.0-8                                       amd64        BigBlueButton video broadcast module for Red5
ii  bbb-client                            1:2.2.0-40                                      amd64        BigBlueButton Flash client
ii  bbb-config                            1:2.2.0-198                                     amd64        BigBlueButton configuration utilities
ii  bbb-etherpad                          1:2.2.0-51                                      amd64        The EtherPad Lite components for BigBlueButton
ii  bbb-freeswitch-core                   2:2.2.0-112                                     amd64        BigBlueButton build of FreeSWITCH
ii  bbb-freeswitch-sounds                 1:1.6.7-6                                       amd64        FreeSWITCH Sounds
ii  bbb-fsesl-akka                        2.2.0-65                                        all          BigBlueButton FS-ESL (Akka)
ii  bbb-html5                             1:2.2.0-968                                     amd64        The HTML5 components for BigBlueButton
ii  bbb-mkclean                           1:0.8.7-3                                       amd64        Clean and optimize Matroska and WebM files
ii  bbb-playback-presentation             1:2.2.0-32                                      amd64        BigBluebutton playback of presentation
ii  bbb-record-core                       1:2.2.0-68                                      amd64        BigBlueButton record and playback
ii  bbb-red5                              1:1.0.10-16                                     amd64        The Red5 server for BigBlueButton
ii  bbb-transcode-akka                    2.2.0-8                                         all          BigBlueButton Transcoder
ii  bbb-web                               1:2.2.0-130                                     amd64        BigBlueButton API
ii  bbb-webrtc-sfu                        1:2.2.0-102                                     amd64        BigBlueButton WebRTC SFU
ii  bigbluebutton                         1:2.2.0-5                                       amd64        Open source web conferencing platform (bbb)
ii  ffmpeg                                7:4.2.2-1bbb1~ubuntu16.04                       amd64        Tools for transcoding, streaming and playing of multimedia files
ii  libavcodec58:amd64                    7:4.2.2-1bbb1~ubuntu16.04                       amd64        FFmpeg library with de/encoders for audio/video codecs - runtime files
ii  libavdevice58:amd64                   7:4.2.2-1bbb1~ubuntu16.04                       amd64        FFmpeg library for handling input and output devices - runtime files
ii  libavfilter7:amd64                    7:4.2.2-1bbb1~ubuntu16.04                       amd64        FFmpeg library containing media filters - runtime files
ii  libavformat58:amd64                   7:4.2.2-1bbb1~ubuntu16.04                       amd64        FFmpeg library with (de)muxers for multimedia containers - runtime files
ii  libavresample4:amd64                  7:4.2.2-1bbb1~ubuntu16.04                       amd64        FFmpeg compatibility library for resampling - runtime files
ii  libavutil56:amd64                     7:4.2.2-1bbb1~ubuntu16.04                       amd64        FFmpeg library with functions for simplifying programming - runtime files
ii  libopusenc0                           0.2.1-1bbb1                                     amd64        High-level API for encoding Ogg Opus audio streams
ii  libpostproc55:amd64                   7:4.2.2-1bbb1~ubuntu16.04                       amd64        FFmpeg library for post processing - runtime files
ii  libswresample3:amd64                  7:4.2.2-1bbb1~ubuntu16.04                       amd64        FFmpeg library for audio resampling, rematrixing etc. - runtime files
ii  libswscale5:amd64                     7:4.2.2-1bbb1~ubuntu16.04                       amd64        FFmpeg library for image scaling and various conversions - runtime files
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@hng let me know if you would like to catch up today :smile: (no pressure)

@Yasuaki I am taking this week off so no call for me today. But I‘ll hopefull be back with some more energy next week :slight_smile:

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Hi folks, I was going to attend the meeting but got there later, I got the wrong timezone. Anyway, seems like no one was around. I was going to announce that we’re doing the move to downgrade the server hardware, it should be a short downtime (30min). We’re stuck with our vacation schedule as well, our hardware folks are off starting this Friday.

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Time for today and future meetings is 15:00 CEST, as there where some confusions last time and it is the time set here and in the calendar.

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