Tech feature request log

I have just heard my friend from a Japanese worker coop that they cannot centrally record the breakout sessions (A willing participant in a breakout session can record on the client side and later transfer the file but that is too cumbersome) in Zoom.

It seems the situation is no better in BBB :sweat_smile:

But I think this kind of questions and the implied feature requirements are golden for us - where and how should we keep track of these?


Yeah good point! Maybe this thread can do it? It would be as good as any. You could change the title to something like “BBB feature request log” or whatever and then we just post things that we are chasing up?


Some Greenlight issues that we need to see squashed:


I propose we run two paralleled threads. This one here can register development matters recognised by our tech circle ‘from the code side’- like the Greenlight issues highlighted above by @decentral1se

The other one has been initiated in a Product circle thread as ‘What users want’ What users want. It approaches from the user experience and user perception of difficulties and needs.

I feel it will be helpful to register how each maps on to the other. There can be cross-postings?

I’m copying the above comment by @Yasuaki on recording of breakouts, into the ‘users’ thread.

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@Yasuaki can you maybe edit the thread title, to “Tech feature request log” ?


Let me translate to English soon - from JICR

• 共有ボード(プレゼンテーションの白紙部分)へのテキスト入力が、入力後に編集したい
• 入室後に名前が変更したい場合がある
• マックブックノートだと、チャットを閉じている場合、画面共有の上下が切れている。(チャットを開いていると切れずに表示される。プレゼンテーションは、チャットを開いていても閉じていても切れない。デスクトップだといずれも切れない。)
• 録画時間の表示が「分:秒」を「時:分:秒」のほうが分かりやすい
• 録画をした際、アップロードの進捗がわからないので、不安になる(いつ終わるか、ちゃんと録画されているのか分からない)
• アップされた録画データを消したい

Agaric is doing a bit of customizing on GreenLight and are happy to invite people to the repo and issue queue -



Share what you’ve noticed over and over recently using bbb. : bulb:
• I want to edit the text input on the shared board (blank part of the presentation) after inputting.
• You may want to change your name after entering the room
• For MacBook notes, screen sharing is cut off when the chat is closed. (It is displayed without being cut off when the chat is open. The presentation is not cut off when the chat is open or closed. It is not cut off on the desktop.)
• It is easier to understand the recording time display from “minutes: seconds” to “hours: minutes: seconds”.
• When I record, I’m worried because I don’t know the progress of the upload (I don’t know when it will end or if it’s recorded properly)
• I want to erase the uploaded recorded data

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Sadly the developer working on this has not been very active lately and the project is in flux right now. I am seeking someone to take this on and will notify the group when that happens.