Weekly progress meeting: Thursday 2/July

We draft the agenda here: https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/2nd_July_2020
3pm CEST https://ca.meet.coop/b/wou-cyy-wpt

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Thanks for posting. Can you confirm the timezone? Is it 3:00 pm CEST or 3:00 pm UTC?

Thanks for your question @jamie We get together every Thursday at 3 pm CEST (which is GMT+2 hours). I had made a mistake in the timezone selector, it is corrected now!

Related comment: Systems architecture

We’re already scoping out client needs for re-selling meet.coop services through Autonomic Co-op and would easily be ready to start marketing this, managing accounts and rolling our own greenlight container all from Autonomic side! This seems like the only logical move we can make right now and I think it would be fine. It would really be great if we could prioritise and close off what is blocking us from getting this step done this week.

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@decentral1se my understanding is that Meet.coop cannot support Greenlight instances rolled by Member orgs. That was what @chris confirmed last week, because it’d require sharing the BBB backend secret. We then went on to discuss possibility of adding multiple access keys, etc. but for future. Is that not the case?

I have a couple groups interested in moving away from zoom for their conferences / large gatherings, but the current service levels from Meet.coop make it really expensive to support them. Their needs are actually quite simple, and the use of resource is contained within the two days of the event. I wonder if you have discussed these use cases on the Autonomic side @decentral1se?

I’d also like to discuss this issue I have with current service levels at July 2 meeting.

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I would also like us to discuss and try approve this membership model to move forward. I think it focuses on the short-term, and leaves enough room for the long-term governance work that @mikemh wants to continue, and is consistent with what existing orgs and individuals have put in. This is intended to:

  • replace the tiers on the Contributions page
  • make its way into the new pad @wouter is drafting
  • unblock us to start work on
    1. service levels, so Beneficiary Members can start selling
    2. voting, so decisions can be made formally
    3. circles, so small groups can rapidly make progress and start getting key contributors paid
      • e.g. The concerns around data privacy wrt recording can be sorted in the DevOps Circle, 2 min to report back status at All Hands
      • e.g. The Proposal for meet.coop to use open collective is can be sorted in some Operations / Finance Circle
      • these topics are important, but don’t need to take up everybody’s time at All Hands
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Will there be July 9th meeting at the usual time?