2021-06-28 Outage

As a logged in user, I receive the error:

Server Error

Invalid BigBlueButton Endpoint and Secret

Please make sure the proper steps have been taken. Learn more

Prior to this, some screen share issues were occurring (inability to initiate a screen share).

So… I’ve been poking around and have yet to find:

  • an e.g. Mastadon account for meet.coop
  • a services status page
  • a support email (I emailed contact@meet.coop)
  • any other official-looking place to report issues (Doesn’t seem there’s much action @ Issues · meet · GitLab, hence why I created this here.)

Is this the right place to report this?

If anyone knows somewhere else I should follow up, please let me know.

Hi Chris,

there’s indeed an issue with ca.meet.coop, we’re working on bringing it back as soon as possible.


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FWIW, we are able to see our account, start a meeting, and perform screen share currently.