All Hands 1st July 2021

This Thursday we’ll be having our regular, monthly All Hands meet again!

Here’s a preliminary set of agenda items, feel free to add below. And don’t forget to confirm that you are GOING :slight_smile:

:white_check_mark: Agenda

  • Volunteers for facilitator and note-taker

  • Check-in: go-round, 30s-1m on how you’re doing today

  • Brief Announcements, [write title of announcement here]

  • In the discussion about each circle, make sure we refer to concrete tasks [Task tracking],

  • Membership update: new members: Biook, organising the BBK OpenScience Conference (DIY Bio),, Incognito, Universidad Complutense Madrid: P2P Models team, Cooperatives West Midlands, CAMPAÑA GLOBAL POR LA LIBERTAD DE EXPRESIÓN A19, A.C., The Photography Gallery (TPG): organising the Screenwalks event together with Fotomuseum Winterthur (recording of the streamed event on June the 30th).

  • June contributions: 2020 GBP

  • grants:

    • ECF: on waiting list; feedback from their funding coordinator
    • proposal planning

  • status redesign of website
  • restart / finalise logo design process
  • marketing agreement with Goteo Foundation
  • issues communication process/user feedback loop
  • draw conclusions of reseller pilot with CommonsCloud/femProcomuns
  • schedule staff contact@ team, Summer Schedule!
  • reorganise forum > status of services / report outages

  • Demo server. Capture demo user data for MKT
  • Explorations of Audio Dial-in options, 1) a pilot with SIP? Or 2) with US/CA number pointed to it? Helpful comments from arcat/Tor
  • Design justice - making demands on users’ devices?
  • Monitoring of servers: how are the servers coping with current activity levels? Usage levels by member? Especially multi-user members
  • BBB v2.3.1 is out

  • commons.hour, trial handbook, gitBook. invitation

Check-out: go-round, 30s-1m on how the meeting was, any suggestions for next time

Location: Main Meeting Room

Sorry - I’ll be @ work so not able to make it…
I wanted to raise an idea about using our reserve fund and ‘additional’ income to propose we pay someone (a revolving role, swapped each Q) as Project Leader for a few set days each week, to manage the project and drive forward the most pressing tasks… with the idea that this role is also able (given approval from the other Ops Members where required) to deploy other funds, in order to get tasks done (at pre-agreed prices) … the idea being to spur us on and avoid stagnation. Just an idea… happy for this to be forked off into another thread for further discussion…


We also need to prepare the Distribution meeting, as Q2 is ending! @benhylau will you be able to run that part again, in the coming weeks?

July is real bad for me. Perhaps we can use the first Thursday of August meeting as “the meeting”? I can probably prep the sheets a week before that.

For @melissamcnab I think we can just use the normal process, but take into consideration her missed Q2 assignment when we do the allocation. That extra % will come out of the reserves, so it’s essentially the same as doing a “special allocation”, but without procedural overhead. Cool?

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Hi @osb, now that we’re generating more and more revenue we are slowly being able to pay more fair compensations for our work.

So we could discuss various ways in adjusting our compensation framework. I feel that we have to have a rough consensus about the direction of change and then do a vote about the specific proposal. Unfortunately you cannot make it to today’s All Hands and I cannot make it in August (due to the holidays). Absent synchronous discussion, I agree it’d be good to launch an online thread about this on the forum. My first thoughts: 1) make sure that the emerging model is considered fair by all active participants, 2) maybe we could transition towards paying “bounties” by tasks in combination with some hourly compensations for ongoing support, tech maintenance and coordination work?

ok, I cannot make it in August, but if we could adjust the Distribution process in such way that people can participate asynch during the summer months, that shouldn’t be a big problem, should it?

erm, I understand that we did this special allocation as an exceptional measure last time, but you wouldn’t want to make that a regular thing? That would render the normal process obsolete I’m afraid?

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We didn’t do any special allocation last time. I am proposing we use he normal process and take into account the missed normal allocation for @melissamcnab when we vote this time.

Maybe I misunderstood your suggestion, @benhylau . WRT the allocation we made for Melissa, it was special in two ways: 1) it was agreed after the formal distribution meeting and 2) it was agreed to be deducted from the reserve, - or at least that’s what we suggested,

Oh is there an amount already determined? Then let’s stick with that amount. Sorry I wasn’t aware this already took place and was thinking we need to sort it in the next meeting.

@wouter @benhylau - Am I invoicing for the amount quoted here?

Hi @melissamcnab sorry is process is confusing because @wouter and I have some miscommunication, and it is mostly procedural and shouldn’t affect you. What I expected was this which is slightly different from what @wouter had in mind.

Please feel free to invoice 189,03 GBP to the Open Collective anytime you wish for your work in Q1. Finance will have a way of recording this in the Q2 snapshot regardless when you send the invoice. Again, apologies for the confusion from our end.