All Hands 3 June 2021

This Thursday we’ll be having our regular, monthly All Hands meet again!

Here’s a preliminary set of agenda items, feel free to add below or during checkin. And don’t forget to confirm that you are GOING :slight_smile:

:white_check_mark: Agenda

  • Volunteers for facilitator and note-taker
  • Check-in: go-round, 30s-1m on how you’re doing today
    • Brief Announcements [Task tracking], [write title of announcement here]
    • invite foundational members to contribute for 2nd year (cf. Animorph, MayFirst
    • grant proposal planning
    • initiate draft Constitution (card 127)
    • status redesign of website
    • restart / finalise logo design process
    • marketing agreement with Goteo Foundation
    • issues communication process/user feedback loop
    • draw conclusions from Amsterdam / Cities for Change to plan deployment for members’ servers
    • staff contact@ team
    • Demo server down again: thoughts on a more solid demo service. Capture demo user data for MKT
    • Explorations of Audio Dial-in options, 1) a pilot with SIP? Or 2) with US/CA number pointed to it?
    • Monitoring of servers: how are the servers coping with current activity levels? Usage levels by member? Especially multi-user members
    • Scalite cluster setup (Amsterdam, views for deploying to
  • Check-out: go-round, 30s-1m on how the meeting was, any suggestions for next time

Location: Main Meeting Room

Hi Wouter - thanks for this reminder! :wink:
Did I miss it, or will the compensation from the last quarter be agreed at this meeting? Maybe that already happened and we are OK to invoice now - but I didn’t see an email from @benhylau …?

Since we have not really had any Prod circle meetings I am not sure we can really count the Prod circle as functional… But it would be useful to know what the most urgent tasks for the Product circle are… and to assign these to active Ops Members…

In that respect - can we be honest with ourselves - are we really using the Task Board? it looks WAAAAY out of date… but imho a Task board is the best way to manage tasks… should we agree to use this … if not we should be honest with ourselves and agree we are not using it… and find another way to manage tasks.

My only other thought is that there is probably way too much to cover in 1 hour, unless we are all really motivated and have an amazing chair to keep us on track - but even then we would have to agree not to discuss many of of the items, just announce them, and to discuss them and work on them asynchronously.


We should also add demo not working to the agenda too
And capturing / accessing user data from the demo

It was confirmed at the compensation meeting and the final results posted to the thread. You are good to invoice!

Good points, Oli. Indeed, after having cancelled circle meetings the use of the tracker has reached some kind of stand still. Shall we try to restart the task tracker? Our ambition was to prove that we could do with less meetings and work more asynchronously instead. That has to be proven though :wink:

Agreed also with your observation that we have many agenda items. My suggestion is that we avoid discussion if not really necessary and mention the topics and make concrete and brief statements like “I’m on that”, “can you and me take that over email?”, “let’s update or create a task in the tracker” or “that needs discussion, can you open a thread in the forum so we take it from there?”

BTW I have converted the first post in this thread to a wiki so you can all update the agenda, so we are ready to process the agenda right at meet start. And be very efficient, with a :wink:

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regarding @melissamcnab’s (delayed) compensation over Q1, we should remind ourselves that she couldn’t make it during the distribution meeting and didn’t make a claim then, but we noted it during that meeting that it would be fair to have a compensation for her work. And we suggested that we’d be subtracting that from the reserve - given that the Q1 distribution round has been closed already.
Melissa: could you make an indication of your work during Q1? Seeing the compensations other team members got, which % would you find reasonable for you? If we know before the meeting tomorrow, and a quorum of ops members is present we could approve it straight away, or otherwise open a vote in the forum.

Thanks - can you remind me what the thread was called!?
or where the final results are stored so I can see what to invoice for!?

Hi all,

Apologies again for missing the distrubution meeting.

For design work I think it was about 13 hours, not including any meetings attended. The website at this point was pretty much finished, I just didn’t have the time to implement it and will proceed with that this quarter.

I’d prefer a fair share, and would prefer not to take a chunk out of the reserve. I know that missing out on the official wage distrubution means this will probably be less than what it would’ve been if I’d submitted at the right time. I’d be happy with anything around the 5/7% mark and appreciate that you’ve all factored in my work at the last meeting!

I will be at the meeting tomorrow, but I’m also gonna be on another call at the same time - if I don’t manage to speak my updates are here:

  • website redesign is pretty much done and was presented to Wouter and Mike H - I’m happy for people to give feedback still if necessary but I’m also aware that this process has been going on for a long time, so would prefer to be able to implement as is.
  • I need to know who can give me access to the wordpress to make the changes
  • I need everyone’s ‘faces’ for those who’d like their face put onto the laptop image of
  • I have provided Goteo with a banner image and an logo image for the marketing. I can post the image that they were provided underneath this.
    Logo - Inverted