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This thread is for posting and planning a schedule of Community programme gatherings. Also, post-gathering material (notes etc).

The overall Community programme thread is here Working as a community.

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I thought our discussion about forming a Community Circle was excellent. I left feeling really pleased with the discussion and the people present. We have a general approach that is becoming clearer, which for me is a series of events on BBB, with corresponding discussion here in the Forum. The format of the events should be designed to build the sense that being part of means joining generally like-minded people for mutual support, but especially for the use of online tools.
That format might start with short personal connections (either a go-round or in breakout groups if the numbers are large enough), then continue with the featured presentations/discussions/etc., and probably then have a short offers and wants section. All three of these are there to build a sense of community.

For reference, I have pasted below the BBB Shared Notes from the meeting. I hope that is ok.


  • Community circle meeting 26 Jan 2021

1 Round the room - hi

  • Mike - Robin Murray network, a college. England
  • Micky - Agaric Boston/global - - Solidarity Economy Network, Drupal
  • Chris - Agaric Boston
  • Keegan - Agaric Boston
  • Sybille, from France . Alt money. Gift economy
  • Gary - Norfolk England OpenCoop, ex-OU, Transition Network. Local mutual support
  • Frédéric - Paris, Remix the Commons. Francophone, North & South
  • Jamie - May First Movement Technology. US/Mexico, Build Left movements.
  • Steff - Berlin. Moving sport @ Ecuador. Deconstruct exclusivity
  • Akshay - Berlin/India.
  • Wouter - Free Knowledge Institute. feProcomuns. Cofounder @
  • Matt Noyes -

2 Community programme

  • Mike presents, 3 themes: 1) Coop strategies, 2) Solidarity, 3) Toolstack, + a 4th: 4) stewarding
  • Steff:gender equality, anti-racism and inclusion should be some of our principles.
  • Gary: ppl signing up to are not just seeking a competitor to zoom, rather joining a mutual support community, a value-aligned service: What can we do for each other?
  • Wouter - A meeting format
    • check in
    • Topic presented by a member org
    • solidarity: offers & wants
    • organised: notes, posted somewhere, ex. Discourse
    • Sociocracy principles
    • language & multiculturalism
  • Gary - synchronous plus asynchronous
  • Micky - poll at start, re recording, if ppl are unconfortable with the recording they may reconnect to the room under a fake name
  • Spoken language is a key issue. Automatic translation can be a tool?
  • Steff: How and who do we invite, and thus who do we exclude? We should understand ourself as an inclusive group, also with sign language, even if we ourselves might not need it.
  • There’s the closed captions would that work for subtitling?
  • Mike: Inclusivity - is challenging with skills, but we would want to evolve in this area, with capable people leading at first?
  • Diversity is already there in and it can only grow. We can learn a lot from May First.
  • Mike: A ‘colonial apology’ about langauge might be part of the opening framework of each session - Accompanied by actual steps to alter this in our programme?
  • Gary: 1st event? Presentations from 2 or 3 partners (MayFirst, on tackling collaborative communit, communty organisingy: how some of our members are doing with community organising
  • Matt: respect the need that brought us here: we all see some needs that we could intercooperate on to make the whole better
  • We here can be contributors to the programme, and promoters/advertisers
  • Frederick: an issue of collaborating not competing, which this org may be able to address in an interesting way

3 A community circle

  • xxx

4 Digital tools

  • Gary - synchronous plus asynchronous is better for sharing
  • Mike - wiki? some shared document system, as well as chat
  • forum. ¿matrix/element?
  • Micky suggests Mike is interested too
  • Wouter: NextCloud is available
  • Signing? Closed captions?
  • Gary would like to define a dedicated category inside the forum (Discourse)
  • Drupal community (!) is good to relate to?
  • Idealoom - demo.
  • Canvas

5 Next steps

  • Programme committee. Five members to convene as a working version, to organise a ‘pilot’ session as framed by Gary. Then review the aims, and the membership.
  • Programme timeframe
  • Create a circle. Timeframe
  • Community gatherings - template
  • Community toolstack

@garyalex Tomorrow in this thread I’ll be posting a link to the full notes of the meeting. This’ll be a regular post-meeting procedure. Just waiting to give folks chace to comment/amend the draft notes before making them public. Watch this space :wink:

Notes from the Open community meeting 2021 01 26 are here. These include next steps in launching a Community programme of gatherings and notes on coop governance (circles) for future attention, not top priority right now.

To match one of the intended threads in the Communityy programme, a Forum thread has been created for evolving a shared community toolstack. This can serve as a feed for the programme team. In due course other threads will be created to match the other programme threads.

A ‘office hours’ session . . Sunday March 7th, 17:00 GMT 12:00 Eastern US
@mike_hales - “ - Participating in the emerging community programme @”. Meet here: mike @
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