Danza toolstack

The collaboration in dance of infrastructure will require an adequate toolstack. An outline note on this is here: Nextcloud

This thread here is for developing definition of the toolstack, seen also as some kind of prototype for digital infrastructure for movement organisations.

This frame uses an ‘Extended trinity 3x3’ framework, building on work by Rich & Nati from Enspiral (‘the Trinity’), and Stacco from Guerilla Translations/DisCO (‘DisCO deck’ and ‘DisCO stack’). See these pages in federated wiki:


The requirement for a Reference/FAQ/library tool

The challenge of documentation, engaged elsewhere in this forum, is appearing again as we develop the frame of Dance of infrastructure. One intention in Danza is to develop a set of design patterns for digital infrastructure under principles of #designjustice, which can be locally mobilised in a region, or in a movement/formation (without deepening the fragmentation of movements and regions). How to document such a pattern language for general public use is another version of the challenge we’ve been addressing with the meet.coop handbook.

For related threads, see: https://forum.meet.coop/t/protocols-for-documentation/874/ and https://forum.meet.coop/t/tools-for-a-handbook/873/ .

Success with the Handbook project is limited so far, not only in describing patterns/protocols for meet. coop practice, but also in choosing a documentation tool for patterns and principles. This basic toolstack requirement for extended collaboration sits under ‘Reference/FAQ/Library’ in the Extended trinity above https://forum.meet.coop/t/danza-toolstack/1261/2 and, classically, would be satisfied with some kind of wiki. It might be possible, and wise, to look again at tools for documentation, within the framework of the Danza programme, since other tools-providing partners are involved who, in turn, may have experience of running and mobilising their own documentation tools.

With the meet. coop Handbook we started in a (rented) gitBook platform https://meet-coop-1.gitbook.io/handbook-trial/. For various reasons we want to leave the platform and have begun to translate/rebuild the Handbook in Discourse https://forum.meet.coop/c/handbook/43. We’re not yet convinced that this will work well enough - specifically, in site mapping and navigation. In order to quit the gitBook version as soon as possible we’ve started to archive gitBook pages in Obsidian Publish https://publish.obsidian.md/meetcoophandbook/0+Welcome/Handbook+home. As an environment for creating and reading documentation, with opensource tools, Obsidian seems nice; transparent too (a collection of markdown files in folders). It’s disadvantage is that publishing a document collection on the web can only be done through Obsidian’s proprietary ‘Publish’ service. Current experiments with an alternative, publishing Obsidian files via our own NextCloud shared repository (Cloud file share in the Extended trinity) suggest that this isn’t going to work cleanly, if at all.

Historically, meet.coop’s sister project commonsCloud has offered Phabricator as a toolset for ‘project management’ aka software development, which includes a simple wiki. But this looks VERY simple (not even a nav sidebar). And Phabricator is no longer maintained, the website says. True? So @dvdjaco what provision is there in the CommonsCloud toolstack, for handbook-style documentation (as distinct from collaborative writing - Author share in the Extended trinity - which is provided within the NextCloud toolset)?

What experience can we pool here, on meeting the requirement for a Reference/FAQ/library tool, within various toolstacks?