Feedback on using

So, I had my first couple of meetings as a Level 1 User Member on recently.

Here is a bunch of feedback:

  • When I join a room on my mobile (firefox on andriod) I get 4 notifications about the current presentation which take ages to clear by themselves and cover the whole screen.


  • I’ve noticed a similar thing on my laptop too, but seemingly only get 2 notifications there.

Screenshot from 2020-08-07 19-45-25

  • Ideally I don’t ever want the default presentation to load (which I guess would also solve the above issues with these annoying notifications)
  • Connecting on my mobile on firefox on andriod involves WAY too many clicks (I count 9) to give permissions for audio/ video working. Also, during those 9 clicks, I have to choose the front facing camera twice.
  • People using iPhones and Safari (this is a lot of people) seemingly cannot connect at all (see e.g. this post and following posts in the same thread).
  • I really don’t like all the ‘helpful’ audio prompts “you are currently the only person in this conference”, “you are now muted”, “you are now unmuted” etc - is there anyway to turn these off?

I think that’s it for now. I think there probably ought to be a User Feedback category on here too, as wasn’t sure where best to post this and there are now a bunch of related posts.


Thanks for creating and adding this post to a new User Feedback category @decentral1se but I now note there is also a Site Feedback category too! (I think User Feedback is a better name than Site Feedback though… So perhaps keep Site Feedback but rename to User Feedback?)

@hng @Yasuaki after we upgrade BBB to collocall stack (new version of BBB), we should gather the Apple users among our Operational Members and do a test together with Safari Desktop and Mobile, then document what actually works and what doesn’t. There are a lot of mixed results: codec failures, timeouts, video failures, screen share failures, etc. We need to know what works and what doesn’t to start for the particular version we’re running.

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