Remove default presentation?

Hi, I mentioned this before, but wanted to give it it’s own topic to more easily track progress.

Is it possible to stop our BBB server automatically loading the Current presentation default.pdf whenever you join a room?

I find it really quite annoying and would much prefer it be removed. I’d guess virtually every single user or our service would prefer it be removed too, no?

If it can’t be removed and is a baked-in quirk of BBB, it is possible to customise it on a per-room basis?


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You should be able to set a different presentation in the room settings in Greenlight.Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-22 um 13.33.53

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Would prefer to have no presentation at all (might that be possible in the future?), but ah yes, I see that now, thanks! :slight_smile:

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yes indeed, you can upload a per room default presentation before entering the room. that’s a recently added feature.

wrt the general default presentation slides, I think we’ll need to improve them rather than have nothing there. The current slide is one I made to substitute BBB’s default, to explain a few basics of, but please give us inputs on what we can best have there, then we can produce a better one in the Product Circle.

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I still think by far the best option would be for the default to be no presentation at all.

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We discussed this at the Tech meeting, and @dvdjaco and @osb will decide how to triage user needs and implement them into the product.

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Also, do you think it’s better if it’s a blank canvas with a small watermark at the bottom right + maybe a support email? That’s what I have seen in another provider and also what we do at Hypha. Having the blank canvas is usually very helpful to meetings.

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I think that would be better than what we have a present.

But really I only want a presentation to load if I (or someone) specifically wants to present something. I’d guess there is a reason why no other video meeting platform auto-loads a presentation by default, no?

According to someone on github:

Remove the default presentation and it won’t be loaded

So perhaps that is an option?

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Our reason for wanting to remove the default presentation is it gives more room for the images of the people in the room, which are more important. Otherwise everybody hastens to find the little minus sign on the upper right corner of the default presentation to remove it from their view.

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My understanding is that BBB must open with all the options showing - two sidebars plus a presentation pane plus video thumbnails. I find that some people like this, and some don’t, compared with the mode that Zoom start up in (which is the opposite). There are no configuration switches (in Greenlight) that will alter this. The only tweak that’s available is for the room owner to set the presentation that appears on start up. This can easily be a blank pdf page, a photo of your favourite rabbit, or whatever. It could be a page saying: To remove this presentation pane, click the little blue minus button up there, top-right.

I have a custom startup page in a couple of my rooms, different pages for different rooms.

Getting rid of the presentation pane (top-right ‘minus’ button) is something that has to be done by each individual user. I assume that changing this (ie to a preset automatic action) is somewhere down in the guts of BBB, and is a piece of programming that wouldn’t have the time (the priority) to attend to at this time?

Whether should put up a standard blurb on, as the default presentation, is another question? Or a blank page with a small watermark, or whatever.

There are definitely settings within BBB to hide the presentation.

See e.g.

It seems the key settings are:


Either of which can be set to true or false