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Starting this thread as a place to advertise talks that is presenting, and to collect decks we present.

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Here are some historic presentations from:

2020-Q2 OPEN 2020

The Online Meeting Cooperative_OPEN2020.pdf (978.5 KB)

2020-Q4 Matrix’s Open Tech Will Save Us

matrix-20201014.pdf (854.8 KB)

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@osb and I will be presenting at Walking the Cooperative Walk — Diglife First Wednesday on Dec 2 (today). Registration details here.


Part 1 by @benhylau: saas-as-a-co-operative-20201202.pdf (3.5 MB)
Part 2 by @osb: coop-works.pdf (623.7 KB)


This was a really good presentation guys. Not just marketing of, but gritty consideration of coop startup matters. It’ll be good for coops to view the recording, puts in a good light as a sharer of insight :slightly_smiling_face: Very good for marketing re-use I would say . . as long as the audio glitches don’t seem too prominent :wink: