Welcome to meet.coop - How-to start

Thanks for joining Meet.coop :slight_smile:

You have just joined as member of the cooperative and you should have received an email with instructions to activate your unique account at meet.coop. This will enable you to access our cooperative BigBlueButton servers. (in case of doubt, check the Single Sign On FAQ).

Currently we have the following servers:

If you’re new to BigBlueButton, please check the FAQ section in the forum plus there are also some very useful written instructions here:

If you have any questions please see the FAQ thread and feel free to ask any questions and add feedback here. And of course, as new member, we kindly invite you to present yourself in the Welcome thread.

For better results, make sure your meeting attendees use a recent version of Firefox / Chrome, have headphones and mute when not speaking. If possible use a desktop/laptop computer rather than a tablet, and a tablet rather than a mobile phone. Make sure to have good network connectivity and disable other network intensive apps/services.

You - as Moderator - can easily mute people by clicking on their names above the videos. If anyone is not muted and has background noise it can cause issues with sound quality for others but, once people get used to the required behaviour, it does work really well.

We hope you enjoy the service and are happy to be part of the cooperative community.

PD as a new member of meet.coop we greatly encourage you to get to know the wider community and present yourself in the Welcome thread!

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