Status of the coturn server?

Hi! Have our coturn servers been working well so far @hng? I did an installation of BBB earlier this year for a group in Germany that are looking at switching to now, but we had problems with the coturn setup, it didn’t work very well behind a university firewall, so I wonder how the installations has worked so far with firewalls etc?

Hi @petter
We will know more next week when we have finished resetup of the current server and testing the TURN servers.

In general restricted networks can cause trouble even with a good working TURN server. Did you test other BBB servers from that network e.g. or Could you do that and report back?

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@petter related issue that we are trying to track down in this TURN IPv6 side thread about IPv6 on the TURN VM potentially relating to the Safari video issues reported.

cc. @Yurko may know something?

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Thanks @hng and @benhylau! I’ll tell them to try out the different demos and report back!

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@petter see [DONE] Maintenance: Thu., 27th August 2020 re: TURN and this one about old Safari.

cc. @hng @Yasuaki @osb @mikemh