Commons.hour - Overview

In this thread we develop thoughts and suggestions around commons.hour, a monthly venue for multistakeholder contribution in the governance of

commons.hour is held 4th Monday of each month, in this room at 18:00 UTC.

commons.hour events are advertised and participants can register in sign-up pages here in the forum under the commons.hour category Please register, it helps us know how big the meeting will be, and decide on facilitation. Post-meeting documents and links (including video recordings and shared notes) also are posted under that category.

A draft version of the handbook is here in gitBook. The landing page for documentation on commons.hour is here

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In the past half year, the focus has moved from Community programme (which was proving a bit too diffuse and time-demanding as an approach) to commons.hour, pulling a focus on our multistakeholder governance practice, and how to get there.

This reframing has been shaped partly by the bid for funding from European Community Fund:

Some documentation will be published shorlty, with links here. It takes the form of a first-cut version of a handbook for, and for commons.hour as a project. Watch this space.

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Here’s an invitation to participate in commons.hour commons.hour invitation - handbook trial

Commons.hour is a design venue hosted by what will be designed here is the multistakeholder governance practice of a digital infrastructure coop,

Please circulate. And participate RSVP :wink:

The invite is embedded in a draft handbook for, in gitBook. The project will evolve the draft into final (by evolving commons.hour as a ‘venue’ within’s governance practice) and extract a Constitution from this, ready for to incorporate as a coop and run an initial General Assembly.

All open to evolve . . but trial protocols of commons.hour include:

  • commons.hour is a monthly meeting held on the fourth Monday at 18:00 UTC

  • the meeting lasts for 60 minutes. Agendas are tight, so start-finish will be strict.

  • the meeting takes place here commons.hour

  • commons.hour has extra.time of 30 minutes afterwards, for informal connections and follow-through (including offers-&-wants) among whoever chooses to stay

  • commons.hour and extra.time are facilitated

  • meetings normally are in English language

  • the standard format is 15min presentations followed by 40min open exchange

From: commons.hour - the venue in the trial handbook

English is currently still the dominant language in our encounters, but I think it’s good to express that we’d be happy to facilitate multi-lingual sessions, in case volunteers commit to do simultaneous translation/interpretation, before the session start. This could be with live written subtitles in the same room or with audio in a parallel room. Again, this (commitment) should be known prior to the start to avoid wasting much time from the session agenda.


Session #1 - Intro

Monday Sept 27th, 18:00 UTC, here: commons.hour Community circle - Intro to commons.hour

  • developing protocols for coop practice, thro monthly sessions
  • a framework of session topics in commons.hour: three phases
  • a practice of design justice: thro protocols, to a constitution, to assemblies and stewardship in the commons of digital infrastructure

The running order and rationale for the full programme of commons.hour is here: Nextcloud

Session#1 is now scheduled and posted for sign-up Sign-up - commons.hour - session #1

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Sessions in commons.hour so far (2021-22) . .

Each session discussion thread contains links to video playback, video download, shared notes, public chat and take-home notes.

1 The commons.hour programme - Introduction Session #1 post-session links

2 Political economy of community organising in digital spaces Session#2 - Post-session links

3 The structure and the struggle - Viable coop organisation and contributions to transition in society

4 Organising for sustainability in digital commons

5 Regionalising and infrastructuring the coop economy - A federated vision for digital infrastructure

6 Contribution accounting - Why, how, who?

7 Digital infrastructure for resilient subcultures :

8 Public-civic collaboration, coop incubators and stewarding digital infrastructure as a commons:

9 Working in multiple language online:

10 Commoners’ actions against digital colonialism - Openness and limitation in digital stacks

Another season of commons.hour is being planned for 2023, on Evolving digital infrastructure in the commons: Watch this space. Or email .

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